This was what was supposed to be a foundation for a promo poster for this con that was t be held at the Arlington art museum. My ide was for the other webcomic artists to pass the image around and add in their own characters, making it a collage poster for the convention that would be a fun collectrible that people could get signed as well as a collaborative piece from all of the artists attending.

Neat idea, but I don’t think it ever got sent around to the artists, and the con got ostponed six months and moved to Southfork I think- where the Larry Hagman era Dallas TV show was filmed. I kinda lost interest in it after the neat idea sputtered and came to nothing.

Koen did a magnificent job on the building And Wendie got the lettering on the building quite handily.I thought it was pretty swell… so it may as well get some press here.

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I saw this picture and imediatly started singing….




Always remember


And not in a good way. He was literally insane, and he was an absolute tyrant. He’s my favourite Roman emperor, just because he’s so interesting

  • His father was a military hero, and he spent the first few years of his life on an army camp, where he paraded around wearing this mini-military uniform his mother made (which is where he got his name- “Caligula” meaning “little boot”). The soldiers basically worshipped him.
  • As a teenager, he was called before Tiberius (who was a complete tyrant in his own right, and supposedly killed members of Caligula’s family) on the island of Capri, where he was forcibly adopted and as a result of how well he was treated he supposedly developed Stockholm Syndrome (though this is subject to debate). He held an undying hatred for Tiberius but was forced to show respect, so took out his anger on others and enjoyed watching executions and torture, and frequently indulged in orgies
  • He gains absolute power of the Roman Empire at the 24- spent the last 5 years watching Tiberius murder, rape, and torture innocents for his own pleasure. So it’s fair to say he’s pretty messed up. He starts off by obliterating unpopular tax and literally giving away money- thus winning the adoration of the citizens. Then, seemingly overnight, he becomes a vicious, bloodthirsty psychopath.
  • Early in his reign, he fell ill and spent a considerably period of time on the verge of death. Following most of his recovery, he still suffered major headaches and sometimes wandered round his palace in the dead of night, and started cross-dressing
  • During his illness, one man offered his life in exchange for Caligula’s recovery. When he recovered, Caligula sought out this man and had him sacrificed.
  • He called banquets, raped the female guests, then brought them back to the table to discuss the rape with the other guests
  • HE DECLARED WAR ON THE GODS. Hence why he had the army fight Poseidon.
  • He would make parents watch the executions of their children
  • He held dinner parties for highly-regarded Roman citizens, during which he would order the executions of criminals between courses and- while his guests were dining- he would rape their wives in the room next door
  • He appointed a horse as a consul. I’ll say that again. HE NAMED A HORSE A CONSUL. He had said horse attended to by 18 servants and fed it oats mixed with gold flakes
  • He names himself a living God
  • He his reign lasted four years, before he was stabbed to death. He did all that in four years.


Also when he would throw house parties he would hide wild animal like lions in random rooms and made people tour his house by themselves and they would be eaten if they opened the wrong door

(just so you know I did a huge project about him in history)

Just need to fix a few things on here… Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus,  also known by the hated (he hated the name) Caligula  was most definitely not the most sane of the roman emperors (but by far not the most insane)  but a lot of what people point at as being signs of his insanity was not.  He was quite an astute politician and to start with, well loved by the people and the senate.  However the senate soon grew tired of him because he would take away some of their powers, as he saw them as greedy and corrupt.   Which they were.

Lets start with  the Horse.    At this time the senate had grown to hate him, and he hated them,  and considered what they did to be meaningless and annoying.   So he had his horse brought in to a party he was hosting.  When he was asked by some of the scandalized senators why he was doing that he responded with “I am thinking of naming  him consul”  (he never did name the horse as consul  he merely threatened too)   In other words he was telling them “You are so useless that your job can be done by animals” 

The war against Poseidon was another event that people look at as a sign of his madness, but again, its not what it seams.   Caligula  had decided to finish what Julius Caesar had started, with the conquest of Britannia.  and so marched some of his legions though to Gaul, to the coast, where they were to board ships and go to Britannia.  However this was very scary for his soldiers and officers, as Britannia was considered to be the edge of the world,  and that the natives were huge, with blue skin   and massive magical powers, so they refused to make the trip.  So he humiliated them with the “War against Poseidon”  where they “fought” against the waves and picked up shells and stones as trophies of war. A humiliating task for battle hardened yet scared to fight soldiers and officers.

One of the tasks of the Emperor was religious duties, where he would use a huge hammer to kill a bull on an altar.   When he was called upon to do this,  he instead hit and killed the high priest who was holding the bulls head.    This showed those in attendance, that HE was the one in charge, and altered the political and religious structure so that people would have more respect for the office of Emperor, rather than the Priesthoods.  The emperor had the power of life and death  over ALL,  where as beforehand, the priests were given certain latitude that the ordinary citizens did not.  

Was he mad?  oh most definitely,  you can’t go through what he went through as a child without some problems,  not to mention the illness he suffered early in his reign. But not everything he did was because of that insanity.

(Source: i-accidently-everything)

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