Hero continues to be worked on.. cos Hero is the best changeling,  Hero says that Hero loves being a changeling.  Hero wants you all to know that Hero just wants you to love her.  Hero says that Love is good, and everyone should love everyone.  But especially love Hero.

No update on Hero just yet…  She is still being worked on… and I need to get the next chapter finished for Fimfic

Writing: A Manual for Story Creation



A Manual for Story Creation


Glen Ten-Eyck

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Writing begun 09/27/12

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Writing a story or novel is both an art and a craft. The art will not carry a story if the craft of the author is poor. The reverse is also true. A tale must engage the reader. Even if the idea is great, poor execution of the writing will kill it. It needs both the craft and the art working together to carry the story.

This manual is intended to provide both the basics of the craft of story creation and some of the artistic points that will help to make a story into one that people will WANT to read.

To begin with, you need an inspiration. This can be ANYTHING. It could be a scene that springs to mind. It may be a vague idea of the sort that goes, “What would happen if?” It may be what seems to be a complete idea with at least some characters and the situations that will occur. It may simply be a desire to write about a person or place.

What the inspiration is does not matter. What does matter is that it makes you want to write. That is what writers do. They write. It sounds obvious but many a fine story has been lost because the person who had the idea did not do that simple thing.

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Its time for a reblog of this (I was sure I had reblogged it in the past but it seems not, I am disappointed in myself)   but this is an excellent guide to writing.   


Demon Baptism… Anubic and Darque!   yes we have 3D avatars!   and that Darque avatar looks similar to something…..   (Anubic is the same 3D model use for Jace in Anubis Dreams/Bloodykisses)  but updated to include the current lack of hair on Anubic’s real head.     Cum splatter… Artistically simulated…  

Also these were rendered using a different render engine than usual.  so has a bit of a different look.    I like it… though I still have a lot to learn about how to use it.  (and it takes FOOOOREEEVVVERRRRR)

Both Anubic and Darque acknowledge they don’t quite look like this in RL   

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